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Problem Wounds - "E" Edema

Case study - Edema

History: This patient presents to the wound care clinic with a history of alcohol abuse, tobacco use, and congestive heart failure. Patient states that her legs are prone to swelling. 

General: This patient is a 48-year-old female in NAD and all VSS. 


Dermatological: Xerosis present to bilateral LE. Medial left leg wound measuring 0.8cm x 0.4cm x 0.2cm. Wound bed is 70% granular, 30% fibronecrotic. 

Neurologial: Protective and epicritic sensation are grossly intact. DTR are WNL. Superficial reflexive testing is negative. 

Vascular: Palpable pedal pulses +2 to DP and PT. Pedal hair growth is scant, but present. Bilateral pitting edema +2. 

Orthopedic: Muscle strength testing is 5/5. Ankle and pedal joint ROM is WNL, without crepitation. 

Studies: Arterial and venous ultrasounds are unremarkable. 

Diagnosis: Edema. 

(The physical strain the edema is placing on the integument is causing ulceration.)

TCWC Page 65 Edema

Excerpted from Textbook of Chronic Wound Care: An Evidence-Based Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment, Chapter 3: Etiology of Wounds, page 65. 


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