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Are there prerequisites for taking the CHT course?

We often get the question, "Are there pre-requisites for taking the CHT course?"

The "CHT course" as students often refer to it is actually called, Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine. It is the 40-hour basic training course in hyperbaric medicine and it is required if you are seeking an added qualification of CHT (Certified Hyperbaric Technologist through the NBDHMT) or CHS (Certified Hyperbaric Specialist through ABWH); or if you are a physician who will be supervising and billing for hyperbaric oxygen therapy and are seeking privileges in your hospital. 

We hold the basic training course each month across the U.S. throughout the year. 

Find a course near you on our Upcoming Courses calendar at the following link. We recommend that you favorite the following link and check back frequently as new courses are added each month

Listen to this 1-minute video to learn more

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