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Dive Medicine Courses


Commercial Diving Accident Management

This course is a one-hour video lecture course. It consists of educational slides with an audio recording of Dr. Keith Van Meter, MD as he delivers the lecture. Dr. Van Meter discusses the utility of immediate, short, intervally-spaced hyperbaric oxygen therapy in resuscitative treatment of acute wounds and trauma.

Four commercial diving accident cases are presented to illustrate that severely injured patients, expected to need trauma center management, may be successfully treated in remote, medically-primitive, pre-hospital settings and be definitely stabilized by oxygen therapy in the field. Immediate post-injury hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the site of the accident and continuation of the same at short intervals until wound stabilization is key.


Decompression Sickness

The goals of this intense online course are to educate the audience as to the physics & physiology effect of hyperbaric exposure and to explain the mechanism and types of injury associated with hyperbaric and diving operations. A description of the signs & symptoms and treatments of both Type I & II DCS is also included as well as defining the treatment tables for DCS & AGE.


Introduction to Decompression Theory & Tables

The goals of this intense 2-hour course are to educate as to the physics & physiological effect of hyperbaric exposure and to explain the mechanisms and types of injury associated with hyperbaric and diving operations.

Topics covered in this course include decompression sickness (DCS), bubble formation, saturation and desaturation of tissues, "wet" and "dry" diving (multiplace) in calculating gas uptake and elimination using dive tables, US Navy dive tables and NOAA dive tables, clinical hyperbaric medicine tender rules, and much more.


Mechanisms and Management of Dive Accidents

This 15 minute video lecture, taught by Dr. Nick Bird, MD, MMM and previous Chief Medical Officer for Divers Alert Network, covers the Oxygen-Administrationmost common triggers of diving fatalities and discusses the annual average diving-associated fatality incidence in the US and Canada.

A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the course with a passing grade of 60% or higher on the final quiz.


The Physics and Physiology of Diving and Dive Medicine

Think diving physics and physiology is boring...think again! This 80-minute course is understandable, useful and engaging. Taught by Julio Garcia, CHT, RN, BSN and Director ofPhysics-and-Physiology Operations for a multiplace, critical care, 24/7 hyperbaric clinic located in Mobile, AL. Julio is an expert in diving and hyperbaric medicine, his clinic treats a significant number of injured divers on the Gulf Coast each year.

This course is meant for all divers, including recreational divers, dive leaders, scientific, public safety, and commercial divers. The course explores the basic physical laws, how they effect divers, and how and why hyperbaric medicine is useful in treating injured divers.

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