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Improving the Health of Your Clinical Practice
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Update your practice with these cutting-edge wound care publications

Update your practice with these cutting-edge wound care publications

These texts provide you with the most up-to-date, cutting-edge information for your wound care practice.  


Textbook of Chronic Wound Care: An Evidence-Based Approach for Diagnosis and Treatment

Released in March 2018, this textbook is a companion reference book for the Wound Care tcwc 3d cover 2Certification Study Guide, 2nd Edition.

This book belongs in the library of every practitioner who treats chronic wound care patients. It proves to be a valuable text for medical students and all health-care professionals - doctors, podiatrists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, physical and therapists - in various settings.

It provides a thorough understanding of the evidence-based multidisciplinary approach for caring for patients with different kinds of wounds. This textbook provides the best diagnostic and management information for chronic wound care in conjunction with evidence-based clinical pathways illustrated by case studies and more than 350 pictures in addition to up-to-date information for the challenging chronic wound care problems in an easy-to-understand format.


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Wound Care Certification Study Guide, Second Edition

Dr. Jayesh Shah, in partnership with Dr. Paul Sheffield of International ATMO and Dr. Caroline Fife of Intellicure, has created the perfect tool for anyone studying to take a wound certification exam - AAWM, APWCA, CWCN, NAWC, and more.

Now in its second edition, the Wound Care Certification Study Guide is fully updated with the latestwccsg front 3d clinical practices and regulatory and reimbursement information. Drs. Shah, Sheffield, and Fife, along with numerous contributing authors considered experts in the field of wound care, have collaborated to create the best possible study resource for these important examinations.

The content focuses on key information that wound care certifying agencies consider important in their examinations, with self-assessment questions at the conclusion of each chapter to help participants identify areas of comprehension and concepts that require further study.

This all-inclusive study guide includes:

  • Thirty-three informative chapters that review the core principles candidates need to know to obtain wound care certification.
  • A full-length post-course exam complete with answers and explanations
  • Comprehension questions at the end of each chapter
  • Over 200 color photos, tables, and diagrams Clinical pathways with best practice recommendations for the practitioner
  • Guidance on how to choose the certification


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MasterMinding Wounds

How do you make wound management decisions for your patients?

In the most challenging situations where patient survival and limb salvage are considerations, it masterminding woundsbecomes apparent that wound management decisions be based on more than a wound's initial presentation.

This text optimizes the evaluation, management, and prevention of wounds.

The special features of this text include the use of a Master Algorithm to integrate and logically transition information, as well as a user-friendly "Power of 10" scoring tool to objectively quantify wound seriousness, guide treatment, measure progress, predict the potential for wound development, and assess patient function and motivation.

This book is organized into five parts, each integral to wound care, yet comprehensive enough to stand alone:

I. Setting the stage (for wound care)

II. Evaluation of wounds

III. The strategic management of problem wounds

IV. Evaluation and management of the "end-stage" wound

V. Prevention of new and recurrent wounds



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