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The Biggest Event in Hyperbaric Medicine - Coming This June!

The Biggest Event in Hyperbaric Medicine -  Coming This June!

The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) is holding their Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) on June 9-11 in Las Vegas, NV. The ASM is the place to meet the top industry experts and leaders in the field of the undersea and hyperbaric medicine (and no they didn't UHMS ASM speakers wpay us to say that!).

At the ASM you will rub elbows with many folks whose names appear on the research studies that you reference in your daily practice and in the textbooks that you have on your shelf. Some of the featured speakers include big names such as,

  • Richard Baynosa, MD
  • Michael Bennett, MD
  • Enoch Huang, MD
  • Tracy LeGros, MD
  • Simon Mitchell, MD
  • Richard Moon, MD
  • Steve Thom, MD
  • And many more!

The ASM is the largest and most meaningful annual event in the field of hyperbaric medicine - this is the big one folks! Do not miss this opportunity to further your education and grow your professional network. Who knows where it will lead you a year from now.

Online v.s. Live Events

There is a big push these days to participate in online communities and to continue our education via online courses or online ASM 2015 Social Eventevents. And we agree, online communities/courses/events definitely have their advantages, such as convenience in continuing your education on your own time, in a location of your choice (even on the couch!), affordable pricing, and not missing work or travelling away from family.

However, there are certain advantages to attending a live event that are just not available online. For example, networking opportunities. During the ASM there are manu social gatherings such as a wine and cheese reception and a welcome reception. Those social gatherings are gold, they can be so valuable to you! The social gatherings open the door for you to meet (face to face!) the biggest and brightest experts and leaders in the field. Often times opportunities like that are just not available anywhere else except during a live event. Lasting relationships are built and formed when you meet and talk with people face to face. ASM 2015 Social Event 2

Just think, wouldn't it be nice to have a colleague in hyperbaric medicine who you could call anytime if you had a question? The ASM gives you the opportunity to make those kinds of connections.

But it's not just about the social events, there is tremendous value to sitting in a room full of like minded individuals who are all excited to be there and eager to expand their knowledge in undersea and hyperbaric medicine. Often times you can't help but feel renewed enthusiasm for your work when the event concludes. There are certain advantages to attending a live event that you just can't get anywhere else.

So if you can, we strongly encourage you to attend at least one live event in hyperbaric medicine this year - the Annual Scientific Meeting June 9-11 in Las Vegas would be a great choice! And yes, it's easy to come up with a million excuses why you can't do it UHMS ASM 2015 Conference Room(money, time, family, etc); but hear us out, the connections you will make during the ASM could impact your life in ways that you haven't even considered possible.

You don't know what opportunities are available to you until you get out there and starting meeting the experts and leaders in your field.

Event Registration and Details

Find all the event details and register at the following link


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