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Improving the Health of Your Clinical Practice

5 questions to help you plan your CME/CEU credits for next year

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." - Alexandar Graham Bell

It's time to start planning now to earn your 2019 CME/CNE/CEU credits. Don't know how to start? Below are five questions to help you start the planning process, and watch the short video to get all the details.

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Job Opening in Delaware - Physician - Wound Care - Full-time


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Think In Ink – What to Document for Medical Necessity


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4 Easy Steps to Market Your Clinic

By providing community education to potential patients you are building awareness, and with that awareness we’re able to impact healing outcomes for patients in our community.

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How Key Are Front Office Operations To The Wound Clinic Business?

Have you thought about the impact of the front office operations in the success, health, and growth of your wound care and hyperbaric medicine clinic?

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Wound Dressing Selection

Question: Patients present to the wound care practitioner in a myriad of ways, how does the practitioner decide how to manage the wound?

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Meet the Challenges Ahead: Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation

In the late 1970s, there were fewer than 30 hyperbaric facilities operational in the United States. Most were either military, commercial or highly specialized research facilities. Today an estimated 1,350-plus facilities are in operation. Growth means change. We have seen the primary role of hyperbaric facilities transition from the treatment of diving-related disorders to providing essential primary and adjunctive treatments for multiple medical conditions. Refined research efforts will no doubt validate the continued effectiveness of HBO2 therapy, and perhaps even support new indications for treatment.

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Update your practice with these cutting-edge wound care publications

Update your practice with these cutting-edge wound care publications

These texts provide you with the most up-to-date, cutting-edge information for your wound care practice.  

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[Free Webinar] Affordable Continuing Education Solutions for Your Hyperbaric Clinic Staff

This Tuesday, December 5 at 10am EDT we are hosting a live free webinar information session to discuss affordable solutions for hyperbaric staff training in 2018.

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The interdependent nature of lymphedema and integumentary dysfunction

Even though millions are affected by various forms of lymphedema worldwide, the existing literature fails to fully define the population-based prevalence, health outcomes, and treatment costs of this disorder.

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