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How to Get Certified in Wound Care or Hyperbaric Medicine




Do you want to get certified in Wound Care? 

Do you want to get certified in Hyperbaric Medicine? 

Don't know where to start? 

Start here. 

This short course provides you with a roadmap on how to obtain certification in either wound care or hyperbaric medicine.

All levels of practitioners will find answers, from physicians, to nurses, to technicians, and allied health. 

This course answers the most frequently asked questions that we receive about how to obtain certification in wound care and or hyperbaric medicine. 

This course will help you determine which certification exam and certifying organization best fit your situation and provides you with ten “pearls” to help pass the certification exam.

Material from this course is sourced from: Shah, Jayesh B. Sheffield, Paul J. Fife E. Caroline. 2016. Wound Care Certification Study Guide, Second Edition. North Palm Beach, FL. Best Publishing Company

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