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Wound Geography and Tissue Types





This course is composed of two video lessons each followed by short quiz. 

  • Video Lesson 1: Wound Geograhy and Tissue Types
  • Video Lesson 2: Integumentary Dysfunction

Credit Hours: 1.5

License Types: RN, LPN, CNS, ARNP, CNA, RD, CRT, RRT, RCP

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Video Lesson 1: Wound Geograhy and Tissue Types

  • This presentation is meant to provide you with a review of tissue types relevant for accurate wound diagnosis and intervention.
  • You will be shown pictures and asked to identify the correct answer as information is shared.
  • Supplemental information will be provided to enhance your learning experience.

Video Lesson 2: Integumentary Dysfunction

  • Problems with skin barrier function…wounds and skin integrity issues.
  • The goal is to determine the typical anatomical locations of various wound etiologies to support differential diagnosis.
  • Additionally, you should be able to describe clinical signs and symptoms unique to certain wounds and skin conditions.
  • You will be provided a “clue” to direct your thinking and then information will be presented to add depth to your learning experience.

About the Instructor

Heather Hettrick PT, PhD, CWS, CLT, CLWT is an Associate Professor in the Physical Therapy Program at Heather Hettrick Author Photo wNova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. As a physical therapist, her expertise resides in integumentary dysfunction with clinical specialties in wound, burn and lymphedema management. Dr. Hettrick has three certifications including: Certified Wound Specialist by the American Board of Wound Management, Certified Lymphedema Therapist by the Academy of Lymphatic Studies, and is dual certified internationally as a Certified Lymphedema and Wound Therapist through the International Lymphedema Wound Training Institute.

Heather has diverse work experience in academia and the private sector. Her more recent employment history includes: Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Education at the University of New Mexico; Vice President of Academic Affairs and Education for Gordian Medical, Inc. dba American Medical Technologies; Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at New York University; Adjunct Professor at Drexel University; Program Coordinator for Burn Rehabilitation Research at the William Randolph Hearst Burn Center at NY Presbyterian Hospital and a Master Clinician at the Hospital for Joint Diseases at the Diabetic Foot and Ankle Center.

Dr. Hettrick is a Past President of the American Board of Wound Management and currently on the Executive Committee of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care. She is Program Director at Hospital St. Croix in Leogane Haiti where she oversees and manages a lymphatic filariasis clinic. She is actively involved in numerous professional organizations, conducts research and publishes, presents and teaches, nationally and internationally on integumentary related issues.