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Decompression Sickness



RN, LPN, CNS, ARNP, CNA, CHT - Category A, CRT, RRT, RCP, CHRN - Category A


The goals of this online course are to educate the audience as to the physics & physiology effect of hyperbaric exposure and to explain the mechanism and types of injury associated with hyperbaric and diving operations. A description of the signs & symptoms and treatments of both Type I & II DCS is also included as well as defining the treatment tables for DCS & AGE.

Course Contents: 

This course consists of two video lectures, each followed by a short quiz. 

Video 1: Decompression Sickness, taught by Dr. Helen Gelly


  • History of Diving
  • Decompression Sickness (DCS)
  • Etiology of DCS, physics
  • Decompression Illness (DCI), type I, type II, treatment,
  • AGE vs. DCS
  • Risk factors for DCS, symptoms, management, treatment 

Video 2: Latest Research on DCS taught by Dr. Christopher Logue


  • Understand and explain the basic physics and physiological concepts relating to decompression sickness. 
  • Understand the "classical" view of DCS.
  • Be aware of the latest research relating to the pathophysiology of DCS.
  • Define microparticle. 
  • Understand and explain how endothelial dysfunction may play a role in DCS. 


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Decompression Sickness DCS

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