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Online and Live CME & CEU Courses
in Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine

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  • Dr-Nick-Bird-teaching-at-an-ICHM
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  • ICHM-in-Daytona-Florida
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  • Intro-HBOT 11
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  • Intro HBOT 1
  • Intro HBOT 2
  • Intro HBOT 3
  • Intro HBOT 4
  • Intro HBOT 5
  • Intro HBOT 6
  • Intro HBOT 7
  • Intro HBOT 9
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  • Learning-equipment-during-an-ICHM
  • Study-materials-during-ICHM
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Educating physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals in wound care, hyperbaric medicine, and undersea medicine.

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Free: Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine

Free 3-Part Mini-Course on basic training in hyperbaric medicine
Taught by Helen Gelly, MD, FUHM, FACCWS, UHM/ABPM

Free: The Business of Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine

Free 4-Part Mini-Course on growing your successful clinic business.
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