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CHT Re-certification Package of CEUs #2

CHT Re-certification Package of CEUs #2
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RN, LPN, CNA, CHT - Category A, CRT, RRT, RCP, CHRN - Category A

Course Overview

Credit Hours: 12.0

License Types: CHT - Category A, CHRN - Category A, RN, LPN, CNS, ARNP, CRT, RRT, RCP

Important Note: Lectures in this package set are from the full program titled, Fundamental Theories and Primary Practices in Hyperbaric Medicine: Online Learning - so you're certificate of course completion and CEU letter will bear that title. 

Table of Contents

  • Video Lesson: "Physics and Physiology of Diving". (1.5 Credit Hours). 
  • Video Lesson: "UHMS Indications & Mechanisms of Action of Hyperbaric Oxygen (Part 1)" (2.5 Credit Hours)
  • Video Lesson: "UHMS Indications & Mechanisms of Action of Hyperbaric Oxygen (Part 2)" (2.0 Credit Hours)
  • Video Lesson: "UHMS Indications & Mechanisms of Action of Hyperbaric Oxygen (Part 3)" (2.5 Credit Hours)
  • Video Lesson: "Contraindications, Complications and Risks Associated with HBO" (1.5 Credit Hours)
  • Video Lesson: "Understanding & Interpreting of TcPO2 Results" (.5 Credit Hours)
  • Video Lesson: "Introduction to Decompression Theory and Dive Tables/Air Decompression Procedures" (1.5 Credit Hours)

About the instructor: 

Michael White, MD, UHM, MMM, CWS

Dr. White is boarded in family medicine, undersea and hyperbaric medicine, and is a certified wound specialist.

Formerly serving as Chief Medical Officer for Universal Medical Management and later at Hendry Regional Medical Center in Clewiston, FL. He currently serves as the Medical Director at the Palmetto Baptist Advanced Wound Care Center in Columbia, SC. 

Dr. White received his Doctorate of Medicine from Marshall University and completed a Masters of Medical Management from Tulane University in 2009. He has been with Wound Care Education Partners since 2011.

The Board (NBDHMT) now requires the following statement to accompany all subsequent references to NBDHMT approved CEU, one that serves as a reminder of CHT core competency:

“CHT re-certification requires a minimum of nine of the minimum 12 Category A credits relate directly to any combination of hyperbaric operations, related technical aspects and chamber safety”.

Note: For full details of CHT re-certification requirements please consult the NBDHMT CHT Resource Manual