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CHT Re-certification CEU Package

CHT Re-certification CEU Package
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RN, LPN, CNA, CHT - Category A, CRT, RRT, RCP, CHRN - Category A

Please note: upon purchase, this course bundle will appear in your account under "My Courses", and each individual lesson will be listed separately. 


Credit Hours: 12.5

License Types: CHT - Category A, CHRN - Category A, RN, APRN, LPN, CNA, RCP, CRT, RRT

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Credit Hours: 12.5

License Types: CHT - Category A, CHRN - Category A, RN, LPN, CNS, ARNP, CRT, RRT, RCP

Note: For full details of CHT or CHRN re-certification requirements please consult the NBDHMT CHT Resource Manual


This package set consists of 8 individual courses. 

Please note: upon purchase, this package set will appear in your account under "My Courses", and each individual course will be listed separately by the titles listed as follows: 

  • Introduction to Decompression Theory and Tables (2.0 Credit Hours). 
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and the Role of Hyperbaric Medicine; also includes a slide review of lecture material, and an article on Air Quality in the Hyperbaric Chamber. (2.0 credit hour). 
  • Hyperbaric Systems (1.0 credit hours). 
  • Fire Safety & Science in the Hyperbaric Environment (1.0 credit hours). 
  • Hyperbaric Safety Standards and Emergency Patient Management (2.0 credit hours). 
  • Practitioner’s Role in Hyperbaric Medicine: Patient Management & Documentation Requirements (2.0 credit hours). 
  • Decompression Sickness; this course also includes an update on the Latest Research on DCS (1.5 credit hours).
  • Dive Tables and the Physics of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine. (1.0 credit hour). 

* Each individual course is followed by a quiz and evaluation.   

The Board now requires the following statement to accompany all subsequent references to NBDHMT approved CEU, one that serves as a reminder of CHT core competency:

“CHT re-certification requires a minimum of nine of the minimum 12 Category A credits relate directly to any combination of hyperbaric operations, related technical aspects and chamber safety”.

Note: For full details of CHT re-certification requirements please consult the NBDHMT CHT Resource Manual


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